I created MCM Law because I wanted to practice in an area of law I have a passion for, real estate law.  During the process of starting my own business I realized how much I enjoyed the world of business law as well.  My love for real estate started at a young age when I watched my parents build their dream home from the ground up.  I was able the see what goes into making a property truly your own.  

Since then my real estate fascination has grown with each passing year so when I was deciding what areas of law to focus on real estate law was a natural choice. 

My passion for Business Law came from starting and growing my own small business.  The sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with starting and owning your own business is unmatched.  Because I myself am a small business owner I know first hand what it takes not only to start a business but to maintain and grow a business.  I want to help people who have a passion and entrepreneurial spirit create and grow their own business and experience the same sense accomplishment I did. 

When you have a passion and love for what you do it shows.  It is my hope that each and every client of mine can see my passion and love for my work. 

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Admissions:                                                                                                                                State Bar of California                                                                                                                 US District Court, Southern District